Jan Noessner, PhD

Employment Details

Apr. 2010 - Jun. 2014


University of Mannheim, Germany

In conjunction with my PhD studies, I worked in Germany’s largest semantic web and artificial intelligence research group, leading teams in research and university-private partnerships to both drive knowledge creation and create practical solutions for data integration and other challenges. Consulting with the private sector, my role was as Project Manager and technical expert, leading the end-to-end solution development and making key design and development contributions. Internally, I contributed to the field by presenting research and knowledge as a lecturer and presenter at conferences, and through the publication of multiple journal and conference articles.
  • Published 19 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences as first author or contributor in machine learning, Semantic Web, and data integration;

  • Led teams of student and graduate researchers on multiple ongoing projects;

  • Developed user-friendly data integration applications, collaborating with Semaflora AG and Indiana University on multiple solutions.