Jan Noessner, PhD

About Me

My passion, and my expertise, is in machine learning, driving innovation through the interaction of technology and humans. With a PhD in Computer Science and several years’ experience working in leading organisations, I’ve contributed to industry-disrupting innovations, such as next generation semantic query answering in natural language.

As an IT project consultant and technical SME, I enjoy client-facing roles where I’m able to interact with decision makers, leveraging my deep technical knowledge and stakeholder management skills to meet client needs and create viable solutions to business challenges. From a commercial perspective, my strengths lie in process engineering and business improvement, and I have a portfolio of accomplishments driving cost, time, and quality improvements. Leveraging strong consulting, client relationship, and project management skills, I’ve proven my ability to add value across sectors.

Highly creative, my unique value is my ability to deliver fresh perspectives and innovation, and I thrive in fast-paced, constantly changing situations where I can work through challenging new tasks. In past roles with industry leaders such as Daimler and Capgemini, my creativity and ability to generate ideas has set me apart as a high performer.

Relocating to Australia in July 2015, and with an Australian 457 Skilled Worker Visa, I’m keen to build my network in Sydney. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to get in touch.